8 Common Diseases During Rainy Days

ImageThe weather government department PAGASA warns us of more rainfall due to HABAGAT, and when it comes, it’s not just water that’s going to submerge our lives, but also, diseases.

During the rainy season, there are lots of common diseases that you are exposed to, some of which are airborne, or in surface, some of this can be transmitted, and some are viruses. Here are 8 common sicknesses during rainy days.

            1.         Flu

            2.        Cough

            3.        Colds

            4.        Diarrhea

            5.        Typhoid

            6.        Skin Irritation

            7.        Dengue

            8.        Leptospirosis.


Staying clean always, aware and health conscious is the basic things to remember. Keep away from people who are sick, increase your intake of vitamins, keep away from soaking from flood water, and regularly clean your house and also clean yourself. Creating awareness to prevent such disease is very important. After suffering from heavy rain and floods problems won’t stop. Diseases will be next if we will not be conscious in our environment and action.

The regular factor about these diseases: it can be a pain to you, to your loved ones and to your pockets. From simple prescriptions to complicated operations, it is not a surprise that these illnesses are also affecting your financial state

If symptoms show that you have these diseases, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor.

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